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 Questions, Tips And Tricks About Holy Paladins By Sniffy

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PostSubject: Questions, Tips And Tricks About Holy Paladins By Sniffy   Wed May 26, 2010 10:24 am

I Get alot of questions ingame and i cant really answer all of them so ill write one big report about it here

Remember Main spec always!javascript:emoticonp('Wink')
1. First Question - Sniffy do you wear diffrent types of gear to increase your healing ?

Answer = yes i might wear cloth and mail, leather- just to increase my healing
cause i am always on the road for better gear
but only if i get for free,(No one needs) and its better than mine then Yes ofcourse i would take it Smile

2.Second Question - You never run out of mana in raids uhh ?

Answer = This question isnt really 100% true because i do run out of mana if i solo heal
but i can manage for very long time and i thought i could share my tip for you guys Smile

(Flash Of Light Rank 1 ) = Takes About 90 Mana and i use it for spam healing tanks when they just take lesser damage for example
100% >98% > Heal >100% ( Heals For About 400-600 [Crit 800] depends on ur gear aswell

And One More thing that i use is my (Libram Of Mending) what it does is that
Your Holy Light Spell Grants (22 Mana Per 5 For 30sec) [ Always Proc] no mather what rank
So if you dont wanna use much mana but still get that extra regenration USE (Holy Light Rank 1 )
Wink Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Questions, Tips And Tricks About Holy Paladins By Sniffy   Sat Jul 31, 2010 1:36 pm

Good guide, didn't know FoL healed that much at Rank 1, gonna start using that and see how it goes, I also use(used) some cloth gear as it was alot better than anything else out there. it had spirit on it but i had enuf mp5 at that time already and i still do so it didn't do much. Do you use any spefic Addons i should know of please do tell^^

Best regards

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Questions, Tips And Tricks About Holy Paladins By Sniffy
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