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 For all you paladins that didn't know

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For all you paladins that didn't know Empty
PostSubject: For all you paladins that didn't know   For all you paladins that didn't know I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 02, 2010 2:55 am

So... yeah if you've specced for example these you should consider respeccing^^

Quote :
(/*\) HOLY (/*\) //last updated 27.04.2010

Aura Mastery - THIS WORKS. You just have to disable and re-enable ur Aura after u talent it (since alot of ppl said that it's bugged)
Unyielding Faith - This talent also WORKS. It's only "problem" is that it doesn't display anything or it displays "blocked" or something when it resists a Fear. It's just a visual bug, no worries. Talent works perfectly.
Pure of Heart - Doesn't work.
Sanctified Life - Hard to say if it works or not really. 6% is like meh...
Purifying Power - Doesn't work.
Blessed Life - Doesn't work.
Holy Shock - Thought this was repaired - but guess I was wrong. Well the spell can be used on a player while he's in a duel (with another player) and it heals him -.- Also - If your target is stealth it heals him.
Holy Guidance - Gives the % spell damage / healing bonus only for BASE Intellect - instead of OVERALL Intellect.

Quote :
((| PROTECTION |)) //last updated 27.04.2010

Stoicism - Stun resistance works - but the 30% chance that buffs will be dispeled doesn't.
Improved Righteous Fury - Imo this talent works fine. More details on page 4 of this thread tho.
Reckoning - I'm not very sure of this talent but I'm 90% sure this works as it should now.
Holy Shield - After further testing I found something nice out. With a Libram equipped - this spell returns PHYSICAL damage - while without a Libram equipped it returns HOLY damage. Same problem still remains tho - it doesn't scale with SD.
Improved Holy Shield - After further testing here's what I've come up with. The charge increase works, but the 20% damage bonus damage doesn't seem to work. PS - this only works w/o a libram equipped.
Ardent Defender - Doesn't work at all.
Combat Expertise - While the stamina bonus applies - the expertise doesn't increase. From what i heard - the talent might work but there is a problem with the server's Expertise that doesn't work at all.
Avenger's Shield - Same old story... Doesn't work with a libram equiped. Like lol :/ Also you need 350 skill in Unarmed to hit (instead of hit rating) - lol x2

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For all you paladins that didn't know Empty
PostSubject: Nice Info   For all you paladins that didn't know I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 05, 2010 9:26 am

Very intresting ... do you have a retrybution one? Razz
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For all you paladins that didn't know
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