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 Hunter Pve Gear

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PostSubject: Hunter Pve Gear   Hunter Pve Gear I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 18, 2010 7:26 am

Hunter Pve Gear Exclamation

Your completed best gear imho will be:
+ Thordial for lucky bastards Razz or Golden Bow
+ Swp gear
+ 4x t6 (bracer,waist,boots,chest)
+ Apolyon
+ rings: scale of sands, one for 60 bojs or hard khorium band
+ trinkets: madness of betrayer and tsunami talisman.

i think this will be best but it will take some time to get it, so in a way getting this stuff pick up items with AGILITY as much u can, its best pve hunter stat.

Enchants and sockets:
Agility as much u can. if its not possible, ap and other helpful things.

my finaly stats was:
~2,6k ap
~46% crit
i could reach with golden bow about 1,5k dps.

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Hunter Pve Gear
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