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 All about Mage Pve

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All about Mage Pve Empty
PostSubject: All about Mage Pve   All about Mage Pve I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 24, 2010 5:28 am

Hey guys since i've seen some mages with not so good talent builds , ill post you one good build:


This is a deep fire build going into arcane to get 30% mana regen and into frost for 3% mana cost reduction.

Next tip i'd like to give to all mages is that you must use in raids Mage Armor, not Molten armor, since you combine it with Arcane Meditation, getting 30%+30%=60% mana regen while casting (that's a lot! ).

To improve that, you need to get all gear with spirit, because most mages use SWP gear that gives just int and stamina, and socket all blue sockets you have with 10 spirit. In that way , fully geared, you should reach about 400 mp5 while casting.

Doing some calculations, with haste from SWP gear you cast Fireball (412 mana) in 2.5 seconds, so:

-824 mana spent every 5 second from Fireballs
-400 mana gained every 5 seconds

You cast 2 Fireballs at the cost of one, this means you will last double time you used to last before, and if you consider an average 10% of your spells to be in Clearcasting, and a 30% mana refund on crits, you will last very very long

These calculations are just theory, reaching 400 mp5 while casting is very hard, so try to get as close you can to get the best results.
Feel free to reply/correct/offend me if you think something is wrong ^^

Edit: i forgot one thing, when you steal aggro, stop dps-ing ( of course xD ) , use Invisibility and wait to disappear, in that way your threat will be reseted/lowered by an high amount, that's supposing spell is working properly ^^
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All about Mage Pve
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