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PostSubject: invite to guild   invite to guild I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 09, 2011 10:03 am

Name : Bigmadlock
Level : 70
Gender : male
Race : orc
Class : Warlock
Spec 1 : Deep Destro (hit rate, not crit)
Spec 2 : none
How old are you and where do you come from?: im 25y old, and from Poland.

What was your last guild?: I was guildmaster of Empire of Eternity horde guild on lastwow, then i'vo moved to few another guild, but they are not so quite good for me. i need smthg more like wiping on t4...
After this server i was playing at Hellground and was an officer in Empire of Eternity guild (first kills, and best progres EU)
Always playing as holy priest, this time huge dps destro lock Smile

Info about your stats (attack power, crit, bonus damage, haste, mana regen, bonus healing, dodge, parry, block etc.):
10k hp, 10k mana, full epic, 1200 BSD, 20% crit, hit capped, 150 haste rating. build 0/21/40

Have you got any professions? If so what are they?:
Enchanting (max) with some epic recipes. and fulll of mats to do it..
Fishing/coocking (not maxed)

Do you have any resistence gear? (Shadow Resistance and Fire Resistance):
Really not now, but have a lot of bagdes and gold to buy it in one or 2 days, im waiting for appvore and then i'll buy it. From this time it was not neccesary.

What do you expect from us?:
The first of all i expect to enjoy raids with ppl who has brains and fell PVE like me. not only tank and spank and presing 3 buttons to kill... Second important thing for me its, clearing t5+ insances, couse i really do it only few times (hyjal,SWP), and im bored at t4,t5 and TBC content. It's just smthg new for me, and wanna have fun from it. i hope you understand this.

Why do you want to join our guild?:
I has written why, at previous topic, but i can write again, i want to do raid with ppl with brain.

Do u read guild rules ?:
yeap, totally agree.


i can raid 5d per week, but only after 6:00 PM, couse i'm working for this hour. Also i have druid tank on thi server, but he is not full epic

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invite to guild
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