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 Apply (tank)

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PostSubject: Apply (tank)   Thu Feb 24, 2011 7:49 am

Name : My Thomas, my char 'Brainpain'
Level : 70
Gender : Male/male
Race : Ork
Class : Warrior
Spec 1 : Tank only
Spec 2 :
How old are you and where do you come from?: 22, Poland.

What was your last guild?: None, I got bored in PvP, so now I'd love to join some PvE'rs Wink

Info about your stats (attack power, crit, bonus damage, haste, mana regen, bonus healing, dodge, parry, block etc.): Dodge 25.71, parry 20.14, block 32.36, stamina 19334.

Have you got any professions? If so what are they?: On this tank engineering, on others chars almost everything.

Do you have any resistence gear? (Shadow Resistance and Fire Resistance): already collecting mats.

What do you expect from us?: more action than Pvp and friendly, respectfull contact.

Why do you want to join our guild?: already told, bored in PvP

Do u read guild rules ?: correct
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Apply (tank)
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