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PostSubject: Deadwillcome   Deadwillcome I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 16, 2010 6:54 am

Hi all I think that may of u ppls in guild already know me well but i will introduce my self ...
Ok lets start form Rl info. My name is Milos and i was born in 1991 . i am married (on facebook ofc Very Happy).
So i live listening to music ( \M/ Metal proud ) and my favorite music band is Iron Maiden and favorite singer is Bruce Dickinson.
If u want to know more Ask me .
Ok ingame u can know me by the names of deadwillcome , hollycow , mamuvam (yes thats me 2 ) and i think that u all know i am ready to help any1 ingame (if i can) ofc i have more chars but these are in Guild .
Playing wow about 7-10 m . My favorite class in wow is S priest ( i know buged as hell on lastwow ) .
And my proffesions in game are Enge. enchant. Mining cooking fishing alch. So if u need help feel free to wisp me Very Happy:D:D <3
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